Friday, June 12, 2009

Servants Of Chaos!

Over the countless centuries of 'magick' there will have been thousands of 'magicians' casting their wills out into the aethers (astral plane) with a view to wish fulfilment and spell casting. All thoughts and all energy is perpetual, so all these intentions (good and bad) will still be out there somewhere. It effectively means there are literally thousands and thousands of magickal servitors out there acting on the whims of these magicians.

For servitor read servant ... the astral plane will therefore be a very confused realm with servants running backwards and forwards in a timeless state attempting to create events and manifest wishes ... for all of eternity.

What happens if a hapless, or even an accomplished, Magician blazes a portal or doorway into the astral plane itself ... and lets all these thoughtform being lose on the earth plane? It's just a thought I know ... but these entities will have an actual form/appearance on the astral plane! They won't have a consciousness ... just the seeds of intention provided by their 'masters'. There will be thousands of these servants with masters who've long since left the material plane. Their energies won't die ... as thought energy is eternal. It would just be interesting to comprehend what happens to the servitors and egregores etc which are created ... and what would happen if they were given access to the physical plane ... MJ